As an accomplished and recognized leader in professional development with strategic focus on edtech, instructional strategies and assessment, and curriculum enhancement, Elaine is known for her commitment to educators and to students. As the founder of p20partners, Elaine is privileged to work with consummate professionals who share her passion and desire to help educators become their best selves.

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    Coaching is one of the fastest-growing services requested by schools and districts across the country? Why? Too often schools and districts do not have the capacity to support their teachers in the ways teachers need and want. And administrators recognize the value of having an invested other to partner with their teachers in a non-evaluative capacity as mentor, facilitator, resource provider, classroom support, and probably some tech support.

    Both teachers and administrators recognize the value of having a partner, perhaps just to listen and help think through possibilities. As is the case with any partner, the better the relationship, the more powerful the partnership and the greater likelihood for creatively successful endeavors.

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