As an accomplished and recognized leader in professional development with strategic focus on edtech, instructional strategies and assessment, and curriculum enhancement, Elaine is known for her commitment to educators and to students. As the founder of p20partners, Elaine is privileged to work with consummate professionals who share her passion and desire to help educators become their best selves.

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    Elaine J. Roberts, Ph.D.

    Dr. Roberts is a former computer engineer/systems analyst who became a college professor of computer science, math, writing, and literature who added the responsibilities of Director of Faculty Development even as she was working with the launch team as a program designer and educator for an adult degree completion program.

    When Elaine left education, she returned to corporate America working first for Pearson Education to oversee the successful merger of two acquisitions with the existing Skylight Publishing group then part of Pearson. Bringing together three disparate corporate cultures from three very distinct geographical areas (Santa Monica, Boston, and Glenview), Elaine was able to create a focused approach to their work in developing f2f and online graduate content for university partners that was often repurposed for district professional development. In addition to streamlining the content development process, Elaine and her team were able to reduce the cost of video production by nearly 35% and the time-to-market by weeks. Because of those and other efforts to refine the content development process and keep the focus on the learners, Elaine and her team were able to win several Telly Awards for their video content. Through her network of educators she was able to help find talent that would provide resources for the Pearson content including the early combined work of Julie Lindsay and Vicki A. Davis on the Flat Classroom project ( 

    When Follett Software decided to discontinue its efforts towards professional development, Dr. Roberts decided it was time to launch her own business and p20partners was born. Her objective has always been on helping individual teachers, schools, districts, or other organizations. What Elaine can do in these partnerships is dependent on the other and her work as a systems analyst to build a rapport and ask the kinds of questions that help educators, administrators, and leaders discover and determine what they really need and want, and why.

    Dr. Roberts continues to learn from others and is not shy about letting people know when she's borrowing or just flat out taking their ideas to share with others; and she always gives credit when she shares ideas, even if she's modified them along the way. Dr. Roberts firmly believes in the power of community learning and takes seriously her part in helping develop and extend a global community of learners.

    Over time she has developed a series of "I believe" statements, that continue to be refined with her own learning:

    • I believe in listening carefully and actively.

    • I believe in possibilities.

    • I believe in creativity.

    • I believe in the power of encouragement and laughter, though not always in that order.

    • I believe in the exquisite sensation of learning and discovery of a talent or skill or ability.

    • I believe in the goosebump-inducing moment of a child's realization that he or she can, and that shivery sensation of that child's absolute delight in their discovery.

    • I believe in the power of potential.

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